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What Is the Best Women’s Underwear?

What Is the Best Women’s Underwear?

What Is the Best Women’s Underwear?

Underwear: You wear it every day, so you better get it right. Whether you prefer bikinis, high-waisted briefs, or thongs, the ideal pair of underwear is one you can completely forget about the moment after you’ve put it on (just like the best white T-shirts and jeans).

Whether you’re looking for practical underwear to get you through the workday without a wedgie, an elegant pair to show off, or something in between, you’ll be able to find it here. For ease of navigation, we’ve categorized their recommendations into six sections: best overall, cotton bikinis and briefs, no-show underwear, mesh, velvet, lace, and silk underwear, high-rise underwear, thongs, and period underwear.


Best overall women’s underwear

"This underwear never shifts, slides, twists, or reveals itself once you start moving and sweating, and best of all, the wide sides keep it securely in place on your body, preventing a wedgie."


Best cotton bikinis and briefs for women

-"In addition to being soft, lightweight, and super stretchy, is obsessed with the fit of these mostly-nylon underwear."


Best no-show underwear for women

-“They are light, airy, and feel like a second skin. You will forget you are wearing underwear, and that’s the goal when you don’t normally wear any”


Best mesh, velvet, lace, and silk underwear for women

-"Extra cute and sexy,the color holds up after multiple washes, and that the lace hasn’t worn out after many wears."


Best high-rise women’s underwear

"Opts for the high-waist underwear for looser skirts, dresses, and jeans. Not only are these supportive and high-waisted, but they’re also edgeless, giving you that no-show look."


Best thongs for women

They’re my daily go-to because they come in so many styles and colors, and are a nice casual, comfortable, everyday pair for me.” and that it “skims over the body without creating dents around my hip and stomach area.”



Period underwear

 “I love these because I can go to work and bed confidently knowing I won’t have to spot-check every few minutes because they are so supportive and, most important, comfortable” .

These technically aren’t period panties, meaning you’ll still have to wear a tampon or pad with them, but they are what finds most comfortable during that time of the month. “Cramps and bloating are challenging enough, and having soft, supportive underwear makes things a lot easier to deal with,”  if you wear a pad, it will stay in place too, so you don’t have to worry about leakage.