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Very comfortable and sexy

Workout support out of this World

Comfortable and feels good throughout the workout with support!

Great Fit

I love how these pants feel and stay true during my workouts!

Sexy fits

Very very stylish and sexy. I usually wear the size M but in this case I asked for Large.
This is a second skin and slim fit.
I'm 1.75 mts tall, 63kg and hips 90 cms.
I give 5 stars.

Sexy fits

This fitness shorts are very elastic and stretchy.
My size is M but I was not sure to fit in because it looks small but after fitting them
they fit perfectly. I'm 1.75 mts tall, 63Kg and hips 90 cms.
I give 5 stars

Sexy fits

There fun to wear everywhere and very conformable like second skin.
My size is medium and I'm tall 1.75 mts and 63kg and my hips are 90 cms.
Give 5 stars

Sexy fits

Super sexy to go to the grocery store.
My size is medium and hips are 90 cms, it fit very well.
I give 5 Stars

Sexy fits

I'm an athlete with a strong back and expanded chest due for the swimming and gym.
My size is medium fits just right and my measurement of my chest is 90 cms but I don't have too much volume
in my breast.
Very sexy to wear it everywhere.
Give 5 stars.

Sexy fits

I'm an athlete my size is medium, the measurement of my hips are 90 cms. The fit was excellent for my size.
It fit tremendously comfortable for walking, running or gym.
I give 5 stars.

Beautiful!!! Thank you!!!

So pretty leggins

They fit amazing.

I love the fly eye leggings. The fit and feel is amazing!! I'll be ordering more of every style and color.

I could live in these they are so comfy! I need more.

A piece of art.

An incredible piece of art. My wife described as a wonderful legging, she never wear it any leggings like that, fit and great looking.
She looks really gorgeous.
Looking forward to purchase again.

Stretchy fabric

I think this outfit was super cute 🥰 but it could be stretched out or something idk 🤷‍♀️

Lovely design

It is what the photo shows, really nice

Super nice

Arrived in time and quality price is 👍

it is wowwwww!!!

love it , fit perfect

Perfect fit

These shorts looked very small when I received them. I ordered a,medium. But to my surprise, they fit perfectly.
Very comfortable and cute!


These leggings are soooo amazing. I love the fit of them and the fact that they stay in place when working out. I will definitely purchase more.

I'm very happy with this Iteam.
Thank you so much.

Looks great.

Top fits slightly small for a woman

super sexy !!!

this is such a beautiful piece , i am in love with this . it makes me look and feel so very pretty and sexy !!!!!

The best sport pant ever !



Perfect size perfect fit good quality